British old-school trade unionist dies aged 52


RMT Union leader Bob crow died aged 52 yesterday, leaving among the public great admiration for his past actions to demand more workers’ rights.

The public and trade unionists have paid tribute to the man who was ‘loved by workers, and feared by bosses.’



Socialist and UNISON trade union activist Max Watson, 37, said:”He was an absolute hero for all working people in an era of despair.”

“He will be missed”, he added.

What about the youth and their involvement in trade unions ?


Maxim Thompson, 25, a student and part-time worker, when asked if he was part of any trade union, said: “I am not because I haven’t been in any work long enough to require one.”

“And while they do [trade unions] serve a purpose in dire working conditions, the way they are used sometimes overshadows the good they do, they shouldn’t be a last resort, not a first defence,” he added.

Here are some tweets from politicians, Union officials and the public:

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