Monthly Archive: March, 2014

Shrove Tuesday, one last dash for a pancake.

By Anne-Marie Moses Pancake Day is a traditional event in the calendar but many people, including yours truly often forget the true meaning of the event, maybe due to naivety or not enough… Continue reading

British old-school trade unionist dies aged 52

RMT Union leader Bob crow died aged 52 yesterday, leaving among the public great admiration for his past actions to demand more workers’ rights. The public and trade unionists have paid tribute to… Continue reading

Existentialism for the rich: How do the poor live ?

After the scandalous Channel 4 documentary Benefits Street, a new tendency has spread with the rich, wanting to experience what it’s like to be poor. Benefits Street, which aired in January, a programme… Continue reading

Mandela: what’s left for the youth?

Nelson Mandela is a hero to many people, he proved through his work that equality and justice can prevail. In a country where democracy was only accessible to the white people, with persistence… Continue reading

Ukraine in turmoil

Ukraine has seen its political landscape wrecked with the prosecution of President Yanukovych and the release of opposition leader Tymoshenko, in less than 48 hours. On February 22, after the catastrophic days where… Continue reading

The NSA: A short introduction to Orwell and Kafka

“Orwell warned us of the danger of this kind of information”, said Edward Snowden in December 2013 on Britain’s Channel 4 as an “alternative Christmas message”, to show the link between the NSA’s… Continue reading

Dieudonne: the case of censorship

In January of this year the French government banned comedian Dieudonné’s touring stage show for inducing hatred against Jews. The ban was upheld using the Loi Gayssot, a law that makes it an offence… Continue reading

Are we the boomerang generation ?

Living back with Mum and Dad is not something you aim for, after years of independence and ‘freedom’. But with the constant increase on rent prices and incomes that stagnates, it is sometimes… Continue reading

The real cost of going to university

In America, Eastern and Western Europe the Higher Education system is spoiled in a competitive marketplace. Now English universities have become a copycat of this model, despite continuous student protests. If taking it to… Continue reading

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