Women Who Eats On The Tube: Meet the London girls who fights against sexism

  I spoke to the girls who set up the “Women Who Eat On The Tube picnic” to find out what point they were trying to make with their action and the recent… Continue reading

New Help to Work scheme: is it fair ?

  On Monday the government launched a new scheme to tackle long-term unemployment, with people facing drastic sanctions if they refuse to take part on the Help to Work programme.   Should the unemployed be asked to… Continue reading

Are you an ethical consumer?

It has been a year since the Rana Plaza tragedy, a clothing factory complex in Bangladesh that collapsed killing more than 1,000 workers, including young women making clothes for big brand names such… Continue reading

Blue is the warmest colour: a must see film

Blue is the warmest colour is one of those greatest film where beauty and humanity form together a memorable souvenir for the heart and mind.   Where can I begin? Maybe with Adele… Continue reading

David Allison on same sex marriage

By Anne-Marie Moses David Allison is a campaigner for OutRage! the longest- surviving LGBT activist group in the world consisting entirely of volunteers. Meeting him was inspiring, to know that what he has been fighting… Continue reading

Bitcoin guru Akin Fernandez takes me on a rollercoaster into the world of Bitcoins.

  By Anne-Marie Moses “Bitcoin is a benefit to society, not a danger” says Akin Fernandez. Image courtesy of Daily Mail and @Gabriella Griffith/ City AM   There is no doubt, Akin Fernandez… Continue reading

Increasingly Poor

  The gap between rich and poor is increasing, with an ever higher number of people in need of food aid and assistance of any kind. The humanitarian impact of the crisis is… Continue reading

Coffee & Easter Biscuits with Fr Krestenitis

BY SUMAIYA M Born and raised in the ancient city of Pyrgos on the Greek island of Santorini, Father Nicolas Krestenitis’s early life was badly shaken as only during the tender age of… Continue reading

Is the 2014 Increase in Rail Fares justified?

  ‘Getting to work is now the biggest single monthly outgoing for many commuters — more than food, more than housing.’ http://t.co/yXJKAqDdRl — Aral Balkan (@aral) August 13, 2013 By Sumaiya M The… Continue reading

Pompeii dies

  The greenhouse effect and the resulting increase in precipitation seem to be the cause of the gradual disintegration of the Italian artistic heritage and landscape: is this just a way to pass… Continue reading

There’s Something About Marijuana

  It seems that due to the economic crisis, from farmers to small business owners, there is an increase of conversion of businesses to the intensive cultivation of marijuana: She always seems to… Continue reading

Pasolini’s Roma

Getting in the Eternal City to visit the exhibition “Pasolini Roma” means immersing yourself in a large portion of what this European capital has been able to offer to the world in the… Continue reading

Carlo Castellani: “I dream of healing one day”

  Dr. Carlo Castellani comes up to me in the corridor of the department of Cystic Fibrosis at the Borgo Trento hospital, in Verona, a city in the northern Italy where he works.… Continue reading

Why the UK is “prudent” when it comes to Russia

Russian wealth has in recent times flooded into British society more than any other country in the western world. The massive amount of oligarch money that has been pumped into London since the… Continue reading

Focus: young professionals in foreign policy

James do you have a quote which inspires you daily? James Appleyard needs to feel like he is undertaking a challenge every day; if this element to his working life is missing, he… Continue reading

The Sleepy Kings and Queens of Europe

Grouped in a Union that has apparently to say out loud about foreign policy – whether it be about its border to the East or its neighbourhood south of the Mediterranean, or its… Continue reading

Malpractice within the police force continues to blight lives, is it not time we held them accountable for their actions?

  By Anne-Marie Moses Over the last 20 years, overwhelming evidence has been uncovered through high profile cases such as the murder of Stephen Lawrence, deaths of the Hillsborough 96 and shooting of… Continue reading

Students now bitten by political correctness bug?

Despite the protestations of thousands of student across the country, there are still many out there who believe that, for a more civilized society, it is necessary to ban for instance Robin Thicke’s… Continue reading

Child Marriage and the West

The nephew of Miss Nahid had got married at the age of 11 because of the sudden death of his parents in a car accident in India. The financial problems that the Nahids… Continue reading

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